Question; how does non-interest bearing loan work?

Answer: The model in use is non-profit/interest. You can only borrow from Guildance Community Development Foundation after your membership.

Question: For how long would one have to wait before applying for loan?

Answer: The waiting period varies but it can happen between three to six months (3-6 months) because of documentation, studying of character of member (saving culture) and meeting other requirements.

Question: Since you are not charging interest how do you make your own money?

Answer: Guildance Community Development Foundation is a charity organization registered under part ā€˜Cā€™ of Corporate Affairs Commission. We are interested in the betterment and good living of the members.

Question: What is the repayment term?

Answer: The standard repayment period is 10 equal instalments though depending on the purpose of loan.

Question: Since you are non-profit making organization, how do you cover you operating expenses?
Answer: Our operating expenses are covered through registration fees (N5,800.00), loan application form (from N2,000.00 ) and monthly development levy of N300.00.

Question: Are you into partnership with any other organization?

Answer: Yes we are into partnership with some international organizations and banks in Nigeria.

Question: Can I organize a group in my community?

Answer: Sure you can organize group provided you are up to 10 (ten) in number.

Question: There are some organizations using similar model/concept like yours, what differentiate you from others.

Answer: Our entrepreneurship development model, business development concept free consultancy services among others are second to none.

Question: I am not interested in borrowing for now, can I save my money with your Organization?
Answer: You are allow to save your money even when there is no intention to borrow now or in future.

Question: Any plan to have endowment account?

Answer: There is provision for endowment and well-wisher can donate to our endowment account.

Question: Do you use volunteers in your organization; can I advertise on behalf of the organization?

Answer: Volunteers are welcome, you can only advertise after the approval of the management. Intention to volunteer can be directed to: guildanceforever@yahoo.com, with copy to adisakabiru@yahoo.co.uk, info@guildance.org

Question: If I need more information about your organization, how would I get it?

Answer: You can visit: www.guildance.org or visit our office at:
Beside Al-Haq Nursery and Primary School,
Mama Ke Street, Academy Bus Stop,
Iwo Road, Ibadan,Oyo State,Nigeria.
or call 08057783260

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