Election Activities

  1. Experience with large complex projects which increase governments’ accountability to their citizens by strengthening civil society. For example: We were a member of the management consortium for the Rights and Voice Initiative in Osun State. We also have a strong track‐record in the governance sector including several “Drivers of Change” studies.
  2. Voter education and engagement of various stakeholders.
  3. Osun State Political Parties Discussion Series was organised to promote issue-based politics, transparency and accountability in government’s engagement with citizens using the political parties who are key actors in the political environment. Consequently this engagement has further deepened the consciousness of curious minds of the Nigeria electorate as regards the manifesto of the political parties.
  4. Rally for United of Osun and Oyo State. The rally which took place simultaneously in Osun and Oyo was aimed at sensitizing citizen in Osun and Oyo States Nigerians on the 2015 Elections. The rally was aimed at evading divisive politicking among the people and to promote unity, as issues such as insurgency, ethnic clashes, and corruption among other issues the states are grappling with are considered in the same light. We also used the platform to urge politicians not to use inflammatory words that could cause division during the Elections.

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