A. The aims and purposes of Guildance Community Development Foundation.
i. empowerment of the community through information.
ii. empowerment of the community through education
iii. empowerment of the community through training
iv. empowerment of the community through sensitisation
v. empowerment of the community through awareness.
vi. caring of well upbringing of youth and children
vii. provision of social amenities
vii. peace-making in the community
vii. removal of women from shackles of literacy
Its vision statement is a dispute free and great Nigeria. Its target beneficiaries are youths, women and children.

The GCDF carries out its aims through the following strategies and initiatives:
i. Empowerment of the community through information: The foundation disseminates relevant information to the community through various channels such as community meetings, workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns. It also utilizes digital platforms, social media, and local media outlets to reach a wider audience.
ii. Empowerment of the community through education: The foundation works closely with educational institutions, government bodies, and other stakeholders to improve access to quality education. It also establishes scholarship programs, provide educational resources, and support infrastructure development in schools. The foundation also organizes tutoring programs, mentoring initiatives, and career counselling services to enhance educational outcomes for community members.
iii. Empowerment of the community through training: The foundation conducts training programs and workshops that address the specific needs and aspirations of the community. These training sessions cover a wide range of topics, including vocational skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, health and hygiene, and leadership development. The foundation collaborates with experts, trainers, and local organizations to deliver these programs effectively.
iv. Empowerment of the community through sensitization: The foundation raises awareness and sensitizes the community through awareness campaigns, public forums, and interactive sessions. It collaborates with local leaders, community organizations, and subject-matter experts to organize workshops, discussions, and awareness drives on important issues. The foundation ensures that sensitization efforts are culturally sensitive, inclusive, and promote positive behavioural change within the community.
v. Empowerment of the community through awareness: The foundation implements awareness campaigns on various platforms, including print media, radio, television, and social media. It employs creative and engaging communication strategies to reach community members effectively. The foundation also organizes community events, exhibitions, and fairs to showcase resources, opportunities, and success stories, encouraging community members to actively participate and engage with available resources.
vi. Caring for the well upbringing of youth and children: The foundation establishes youth centres, after-school programs, and safe spaces for children to engage in educational and recreational activities. It collaborates with schools, local authorities, and youth organizations to provide mentoring, counselling, and skills development programs. The foundation also advocates for policies and programs that prioritize the well-being and rights of youth and children.
vii. Provision of social amenities: The foundation collaborates with local authorities, government agencies, and community stakeholders to identify and address gaps in social amenities.
viii. Peace-making in the community: The foundation establishes platforms for dialogue, mediation, and conflict resolution within the community. It organizes peacebuilding workshops, training programs on conflict resolution, and peace education initiatives. The foundation also engages local leaders, religious institutions, and community influencers to promote peaceful coexistence, foster understanding, and address root causes of conflicts.
ix. Removal of women from shackles of illiteracy: The foundation develops and implements literacy programs tailored specifically for women. It collaborates with community-based organizations, schools, and adult education centres to provide literacy classes, vocational training, and life skills programs for women.

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