About Us

SLIDER3Guildance Community Development Foundation is a Nigerian Non Governmental Organization (NGO). Our foundation, completely non-profit and non-political, is registered under part ‘C ’with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Presently, we have offices in Osun State as well as Oyo State with the plan to network throughout Nigeria in the nearest future.

The NGO focuses on HIV/AIDS prevention through awareness campaigning, pre counseling, testing, and post counseling. One of our objectives is to fight the discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS, especially orphaned and vulnerable children highly marginalized in the society.
Guildance Community Development Foundation began operation in 2000 but registered in April of 2008 and collaborated with National Blood Transfusion Services and Ladoke Akintola Teaching Hospital,Osogbo in Osun State. We wish to eradicate hunger and poverty by providing the following:

  • The proper nutrition for individuals who have suffered from humanitarian crises.
  • The proper nutrition needed for basic survival provided to individuals that have been placed into humanitarian crises.
  • The proper nutrition for the less fortunate so that they may become self-reliant and become invaluable assests in their community.

What does the NGO strive to accomplish?

  • The NGO strives to accomplish the empowerment of the community through: useful information, education, training, sensitization, and awareness.
  • We strive to improve the quality of our youth by creating positive role models for which they may follow. We want to dramatically decrease the amount of violence in our community, creating a peaceful, healthy environment. We hope to reform the social amenities established.
  • We strive to improve the quality of our females through providing the proper education. We want to give them the knowledge that they need to succeed in the world. Our goal is to increase the literacy rate in our community.
  • Our purpose is to also work towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Likewise, we hope to bring forth a dramatic provision to the Nigerian community by investing in mortgaging loans.

To not only empower, encourage, and strengthen all people living with HIV/AIDS but also alleviate poverty in the community through training, credit facilities, bridge gender gap, and caring for people in the prison, organize training for farmers to solve the problem of food crisis as well increase food production in Nigeria.


  • To strengthen the community for effective response to HIV/AIDS prevention and management.
  • To reduce the poverty level in Nigeria through training and provision of equipment for less privileged.
  • To bridge the gender gap, mutilation and unlock the potential in women
  • To have training centre where people can learn various vocations.
  • To develop our community through provision of social amenities


  • Major breakthrough in community intervention integration and mass mobilization at grassroots level.
  • Increase level of HIV/AIDS awareness among the people in Osun and Oyo State.
  • Increase in level of HIV/AIDS awareness and status determination among couple in the area mentioned above
  • Focus Group discussion among youth in localities at Ibadan in Oyo state and Iwo in Osun State.
  • Caring for unmet gap: Orphan and vulnerable youths.
  • Three Thousand birthing kits were distributed to traditional birth attendants and 133 traditional birth attendants trained to date.
  • The dewormer (Albendazole) had helped expel worms from the children.This on the longer term will aid digestion of 150 children and by extension the health of the children. Similarly, the vitamin a distributed
    had helped in the improvement of sight and the cognitive development of the children in general.

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